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Finally!! Official web site is updated!! Well..I guessed that the color tone of official site like that. Um...I don't know the name of color..Maybe..It's dark blue..Anyway, It's not important thing. Important thing is the preview(30sec) of last two songs, 'u' and 'Guy'!!! These preview songs make me really really look forward new single release!! Title song, cocoon is gorgeous. Also these two songs are awesome!!

<My Opinion>
Track no.2 'u' is totally my favorite. I think this song is better than the title song, cocoon, isn't it? I like the beat of this music. strong and cool beat sound. This music is what I want!
Track no.3'Guy' is felt like 'Grooving beating (1st album 'strip me' 13 track tong)' to me. I know 'Grooving beating' has more cheerful beat. What I want to say is those two songs have a little similar styles.

And here are two photos which are extracted by me from Official web site Top flash file. I'll make the new LJ header using this photos..hehe^^!

※ Those photos and preview music from 'ANNA TSUCHIYA OFFICIAL WEB SITE'
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15 January 2008 @ 02:40 pm
I'm so sorry,.....And I know what you said..and meaning of that words..
So I'll post only info and pics..I won't update the scans from now.. sorry..
I was stupid girl......

And here is 7th Single 「Cocoon」 PV

75Mb  size is 640 × 480
Megaupload  Download  / Sendspace Download

And here is two preview pictures.

This PV from 'Multilemonia (멀티레모니아)'  - Korean JP Media Community.
12 January 2008 @ 11:27 pm
I found this pic on Japanese news website. I already saw this pic. But I couldn't find the large one. And I found this large pic today. Also I found Single cover a little bigger than last cover that I uploaded before. This new pic is awesome, too.

Ah....I have a bad cold....T-T;;

The size of bigger Cocoon cover is '500 × 494 px'.
The size of new pic is '470 × 353 px'

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